My Addiction to Art Supplies

Sometimes I can go days without looking at the cost of canvas or the new colors being released by Liquitex, Amsterdam, Windsor and Newton, or Golden - heavy, normal, fluid - doesn't matter - I love them all. The problem is, until I start my print business, I'm literally spending money I don't have yet. I love paint, I love the feeling of opening a fresh canvas. And yes, I just jumped from one to the other - and that's how I keep things on my desktop - one tab searching the web for the best deals on brushes, another on paint and Michaels for their next deal on canvases.

I don't deny I may have a problem - but an easy way to avoid making eye contact with my husband is 1) he's usually away on business and 2) just say it's all an investment into my art business - Which is REAL by the way - not made up in my mind - Isha KI's is REAL! But an insatiable addition it most certainly is!

It doesn't help that I've made a point to surround myself with artists who have the same issues: new colors "oooo" new canvas deals "ahhh" new bundles "ahhh!" Every time one of us comes up with a new "technique" we have to try it! And we totally enable one another by saying "we deserve this" or "you'll make it back, just sell that piece from last week" - but we all know the truth - commissions are hard enough to part with, but pieces that came from your soul are like children! You may criticize them, critique until you cry, share photos and complain "you were in a weird state of mind" when you made it - but at the end of the day... it is your baby and you love it and parting with it makes you feel like crying - even when you get the alert from Etsy or PayPal that you've been paid.

So I go to Blick, or Jerry's or Michaels, or some dark side of the web (ebay or craigslist - looking for "hobbyists" that gave up or gave in to the pressure of not living their dreams of being the next Picasso or Monet and sold thousand of dollars of product for pennies) looking to fill the void. And of course to reinvest every dollar you just made into your next project!

And yes, in case you noticed, every artist secretly loves a quitter (that we don't know!!) - and we all hope and pray, over our two cups of paint water and wine, that we're not next!

I'm smiling to hide my shame!

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